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Automatic pet feeder

Automatic pet feeder

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Now you can feed your pet on time even when you are not at home!

Flexible feeding time and quantity: The adjustable feeder can be programmed with 1-4 meals per day at set times and 5-100g per meal, ideal for dogs and cats of different sizes, helping them develop good eating habits and stay healthy.

Dual Power Supply: The pet feeder is usually powered by a 5V DC adapter. 3 backup batteries are installed in case of power outages. This will ensure your pet is fed as scheduled.  (Bonus: 3 batteries are included in the package)

Removable stainless steel bowl: The removable bowl made of 304 stainless steel is healthy and hygienic and keeps your pet away from chin acne.  All parts of the feeder can be disassembled for easy cleaning.

Personalized meal call: You can record a voice message for up to 10 seconds to call your pets to eat, which will be played during meal times.  Your voice makes your puppy or cat feel safe and cared for.

3.5L Twist Lock Feeder Tank: A 3.5L feeder holds about 4 pounds of food and is suitable for small and medium-sized pets.  The secure twist lock lid not only keeps food fresh but also prevents pets from opening the tank and eating themselves.

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