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Carrot Farm Interactive Plush Dog Toy

Carrot Farm Interactive Plush Dog Toy

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Carrot Farm Interactive Plush Dog Toy

Does your dog need something to keep him entertained?

The interactive carrot farm prevents your dog from getting bored by keeping him busy for hours.  It is an indoor interactive toy that stimulates your dog's curiosity.  You can bury their favorite treats under the carrots and watch as they sniff and dig them up.

Want to help reduce your dog's separation anxiety?

This toy will keep your dog busy for hours.  This means you can leave your house knowing you don't have to worry about them when you're away.

 Is your dog a fast eater?

The interactive carrot farm instantly slows down your dog's eating speed, preventing digestive problems.  It will also make them very happy and excited while playing.

 Happy and healthy

This is a great toy for your pet that is guaranteed to bring them joy and is sure to tire them out!  This toy can help keep your dog mentally and physically healthy.  It is an interactive toy that many pets can play with at the same time.

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