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Interactive Pet Food Dispenser Toy

Interactive Pet Food Dispenser Toy

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Interacting with food balls increases IQ and mental stimulation Pet treat-dispensing healthy play and exercise can improve the dog's vigilance, as to fulfill their hunting instincts. It's been proven that dogs who are kept busy have a better tenement. Helps foster a strong relationship between the pet and its owner.

Easy To Clean

Use soft foamy water to wash every part of the interactive food dispensing ball. The tumbler design of the food dispensing dog toy allows pets to move and play freely, no matter how pets roll it, it still stands up

Slow Feed

The internal maze-type damper device puts food into the container and lets pets enjoy interactive eating and slow feeding, an ideal pet food container for the dog.

Food Balls Increase IQ

Interacting with food balls increases the IQ and mental stimulation of pets' treats-dispensing balls and reduces destructive behavior. Healthy play and exercise can improve the dog's vigilance, and fulfill their hunting instincts.

  • The treats come out from the ball by a dog chasing, and the dogs will be rewarded.
  • Replace the traditional feeding bowl to extend the mealtime and prevent unhealthy gulping.
  • Reduce boring behavior and destructive behavior through interactive play and exercise, and create healthy feeding.
  • Slows down feeding to help aid with digestion and bloating.


Easy To Assemble

Easy to assemble and open with two buckles, just need to align the two buckles and turn the bottom part to the right.


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